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Light and sound protection with blackout curtains

Are you sensitive to light and noise? Do you want to create an atmosphere of peace and comfort in your room? Blackout curtains are your best bet! Made of a unique material, they almost completely block the sun's rays from entering your space. Thanks to this shading, the room can be darkened by 90-100%.

Blackout curtains are not only light protection, but also your means of controlling the time of day. They create the effect of night, helping you sleep soundly both at night and during the day. It's an indispensable option for those who work shift work.

Plus, blackout fabric has excellent sound insulation and heat transfer. The blackout fabric has a high density, which not only keeps out unwanted sounds, but also helps to retain heat. This way, you not only enjoy the silence, but also maintain a comfortable temperature in your room.

Blackout curtains: features and benefits

Blackout curtains are a special category of curtains that are in great demand. The main features of these curtains include:

·        Providing good darkening of the room.

·        Reducing the noise level due to the soundproofing properties of the fabric.

·        Keeping your apartment or house warm.

·        High resistance to wear and tear.

·        Preservation of the original appearance after washing.

·        Resistance to fading, which ensures the color stability of the curtains.

·        The blackout fabric has a special coating, which is a key advantage that allows it to absorb sunlight.

Buy blackout curtains from the manufacturer

Here you can order blackout curtains in Ukraine at an affordable price per meter. Pay attention to the material and color of the curtains. We offer curtains made of different fabrics, such as linen and soft. When choosing a color, be guided by your personal preferences and the features of your interior. Bright colors will suit those who like original solutions, while beige, gray and brown curtains will help create a calm atmosphere. Also, choose a design - plain or with monograms - depending on your style.

In our online store, you can buy blackout curtains at an affordable price and order delivery to any city in Ukraine. We often hold sales and have special conditions for wholesale buyers. Our managers are ready to provide advice and help you choose the best option for your bedroom.

In our assortment, you will find dozens of types of sunscreen curtains - both patterned and plain. The prices for blackout curtains in our store are very attractive. Our assortment includes curtains for the living room, bedroom and children's curtains in various colors and with cartoon designs. From pale pink to golden milk, from burgundy to crimson - we offer a wide range of colors that will decorate any room.

In addition, our range includes high-density night curtains, which are ideal for creating a blackout in your room. Thanks to the three layers of fabric used to make them, they provide a high degree of opacity.

Visit our online store to buy these curtains at affordable prices and take advantage of convenient delivery throughout Ukraine. Our consultants are always ready to provide you with the necessary information and help you choose the best option for your interior.

Places to use blackout curtains

These curtains find their application in various places:

·        Private houses, cottages and apartments;

·        Cinemas and concert halls;

·        Hotels and restaurants;

·        Public institutions;

·        Children's institutions such as kindergartens and schools;

·        Office premises and business centers.

Care Instructions

Caring for such curtains is a breeze, as they do not require special conditions:

They are easy to wash, you need to keep the water temperature up to 40°C and the spin speed from 400 to 600. It is better to turn off the spin cycle, as they are made of synthetic materials.

They can be ironed, but not with a very hot iron, although the fabric hardly sweeps away.

It is best to dry them in the fresh air.

Have you made your choice? Call us and we will deliver your order within one or two days in Kyiv and all over Ukraine.