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Micro Velvet Velour

The curtain manufacturing industry uses advanced technologies and materials. Microfiber curtains are especially popular today. They have many advantages, such as resistance to UV fading, environmental friendliness, hypoallergenic properties, high strength, breathability, and affordable price.

Microvelour curtains: a good choice for any interior design

Microvelour for curtains is a new trend in the textile industry, presented as a plain fabric with a velvety surface. This fabric quickly gained popularity due to its properties and appearance.

Micro velvet velor is a dense and soft fabric with a matte texture that is perfectly pleated and draped. It is ideal for various types of curtains and textiles, having a sophisticated look and affordable price.

This fabric practically does not wrinkle, making it an ideal choice for home textile production. It is often used to create curtains, decorative pillows, bedspreads, and capes.

Curtains made of micro velor are suitable for various interior styles, from classic to modern, in particular, such as: classic, modern, oriental, antique, renaissance, baroque and others. If you are looking for a luxurious and elegant design, this fabric will be the perfect choice. Curtains made of this fabric will add sophistication, comfort and emphasize your personality, creating a luxurious and elegant atmosphere in the house.

Advantages of microfiber curtains

The advantages of microfleece curtains are manifested in the soft and slightly fluffy structure of the fabric on the front side, which drapes well and contributes to the creation of elegant shimmering on the curves of the fabric. The color palette of microfleece has many options, mostly in muted and warm colors that will harmoniously fit into many interior styles.

Buying curtains made of microvelour fabric will be an ideal solution for decorating the interior of a living room, lounge, office or hall. Curtains from this category add charm and sophistication to the office interior, and also become a great solution for public spaces such as restaurants, cafes, hotels, theaters, galleries and museums. The peculiarity of micro velor curtains is the creation of a relaxing and cozy atmosphere, as well as a warm and welcoming environment.

Among the key advantages of microvelor fabric are:

·        resistance to sunlight;

·        no shrinkage after washing;

·        no stretching and deformation;

·        preservation of softness and shimmer even after repeated washing;

·        creation of beautiful and soft folds;

·        preservation of primary colors even after prolonged use;

·        uniform and silky appearance of the pile.

Microvelour curtains are very popular among designers and housewives due to their softness, elegant appearance and durability, which, combined with an affordable price, make this material attractive for decorating various interiors.

Where to buy micro velvet velor curtains in Ukraine

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