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Curtains & Drapes

Curtains & Drapes

Many details play a role in creating the interior of each room, and one of the most important decorative accents is curtains. These important textile products add coziness and completeness to the design of the room, and their variations skilfully combine all the elements of the interior into a single image.

At "Textile Treasure "LARA" we offer a wide range of ready-made curtains and drapes made of natural materials that not only decorate your room, but also provide your family with a comfortable and healthy environment.

Variety from "Textile Treasure "LARA""

Here you will find a wide range of curtains of different styles, colours and materials. Our range includes:

Linen curtains and drapes: Linen textiles create an atmosphere of natural freshness and natural beauty.

Micro velour and micro chinchilla: These materials add luxury and comfort to your room.

Blackout curtains: If you need maximum insulation from light and extra comfort during sleep.

Various models and mounting options: We offer curtains with different designs and types of fasteners for your convenience.

How to choose the perfect curtains?

There are several important criteria to consider when choosing the perfect curtains:

Design and colour: Consider the style and colour scheme of your interior.

Type of mounting: Choose the type of mounting that is convenient for you, such as ties, rings, drawstring, eyelets, loops, and ribbon.

Fabric type: Choose the fabric according to the purpose and wishes: velvet, cambric, velour, polyester + cotton, textile, blackout, linen, burlap, jacquard.

Purpose: Determine for which room the curtains are intended: for a bedroom, kitchen, living room or other room.

Product type: Choose the type of curtains: curtain-thread, door curtain, curtain, curtain arch, curtain-veil.

Thanks to the variety in the assortment of "Textile Treasure "LARA", you can easily find the perfect curtains for any room and interior. We also design children's curtains with a variety of patterns to add fun to your kids.


Let your curtains become not only a stylish accent in the room, but also provide comfort and coziness in your home. Buy quality curtains from "Textile Treasure "LARA" and enjoy every moment at home.